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Informants, Cooperating Witnesses and Undercover Agents: A Practical Guide to Law, Policy, and Procedure

by Dennis G. Fitzgerald

Book Cover - Informants, Cooperating Witnesses & Undercover Agents: A Practical Guide to Law, Policy and Procedure

This invaluable book is the most comprehensive examination of informant related issues in a single volume.


Designed as a source book with clear explanations of applicable laws, department policies, and time-tested procedures, each chapter addresses a distinct topic, allowing readers to quickly locate a particular subject.

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Informants and Undercover Investigations:
Substantial Assistance for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Dennis G. Fitzgerald, J.D., is an internationally recognized expert on law enforcement's utilization of criminal informants, undercover investigations and sting operations.


He has been assisting criminal defense attorneys and civil litigators as an investigative trial consultant and expert witness for over twenty years. His assistance has proven invaluable during trial preparation, at trial, during plea negotiations and in obtaining substantial assistance sentencing departures. He has assisted plaintiff’s counsel in obtaining civil damage awards for torts committed by informants and for police malpractice. His efforts have helped immigration attorneys save their informant clients form deportation.

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A Valued Resource

Fitzgerald is an attorney, a retired U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent and former Miami Police Department Narcotics Supervisor. He is one of the few experts in the field who has recruited, paid and operated informants and worked undercover.


He has been amassing resources and researching the U. S. criminal justice system's use of informants and undercover investigations for nearly three decades.


He has developed the training curriculum for informant handling and undercover investigations that has been presented to thousands of investigators and prosecutors throughout the United States, South America, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and China. He assisted the Council of Europe in formulating its protocols for informant handling and witness protection.


Fitzgerald has been a subject matter expert in countless major newspapers and magazines in the US and abroad, and American and international news-magazine television programs.

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Informants, Cooperating Witnesses and Undercover Investigations

A member of the Florida and Washington Bar Associations, he is the author of Informants, Cooperating Witnesses and Undercover Investigations, Second Edition (Taylor and Francis 2015), Informants and Undercover Investigations, First Edition, (Taylor and Francis 2005), and The Informant Law Deskbook (West Publishing 1998).

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